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Bullying (Put an end to bullying)

How: It can start with YOU! No one is worthless. Everyone has value and deserves respect. Bullying is based on the belief that another person is lesser and does not deserve respect. That is FALSE.

WHAT: What is bullying? Bullying is trying to harm another person.

Q: Does that mean that bullying occurs only when someone is physically injured?

A: NO! Bullying can do serious damage to a person’s feelings and emotions.

What are the various forms of bullying?

Physical Bullying: pushing, pulling, grabbing, pinching, hitting, roughing up, intimidating, and any form of abuse involving physical contact.

Verbal Bullying: name calling, rumor spreading, putting down, slandering, and any form of speaking mean things about or to another person.

Cyber Bullying: unkind texts, unkind emails, unkind posts on Facebook or Twitter, or spreading harmful information about another person through electronic media.


  • Antagonize
  • Browbeat
  • Bulldoze
  • Intimidate
  • Make fun of
  • Mock
  • Oppress
  • Persecute
  • Pest
  • Pick on
  • Tease
  • Torment

People say a lot of things about bullying. WHAT is TRUE and what is FALSE?

- you cannot stop a bully…….. FALSE

- Every human being deserves respect……… TRUE

- A bully rules the school………. FALSE

- Bullies must be stopped………. TRUE

- A bully is better than everyone else…….. FALSE

- You are not alone……. TRUE

Q: Who are bullies and how can you identify them?

A: a bully puts another person down to build him or herself up through various forms of meanness. 


Q: what should you do if you see another person being bullied?

A: It’s hard to get involved. You may fear that you’ll be the next target if you stand up for someone who is being bullied. That may be true. But think about how you would feel if you were that person being bullied. How would you feel if another person stood up for you, how would you feel if no one stood up for you?

Things you can do to help someone being bullied are:

- Stand with the person being bullied.

- Ask the bully to stop

- Ask the person being bullied if he or she needs help

- Get help from a trusted adult.

Q: What should you do if you are being bullied?

- Don’t react to the bully

- Stay calm

- Ignore the bully

- Walk away

- Find friends to be with whenever the bully is around

- Don’t keep the situation a secret.

- Talk to an adult about the problem.

Are you guilty of behaving like a bully?

Make a change! Bullying is a CHOICE.

Bullying and putting others down is not a positive way to feel better about yourself. It might seem like a good idea when you’re feeling insecure, but it doesn’t work.

It may seem harmless to call another person a cruel name, but it’s not harmless. Words have power. Words have the power to hurt or help.

Build yourself up by doing random acts of kindness for others. You will feel better about yourself and make another person feel good at the same time. You may even start a true friendship with another person.

GOLDEN RULE: Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Do you playfully tease your friends? Does that make you a bully?

Ask yourself this question: What is my intent?

Are you trying to make the other person feel lesser, small, or intimidated?

If yes, then make a change.

Or are you trying to make the person laugh and have a good time?

What is the person’s response? Did you bring a genuine smile to his or her face? Or are you the only one laughing?

WARNING: Be careful with playful teasing. It can be received as bullying. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Apologize if your “fun” goes too far.


What are the solutions to bullying that we all can engage in?

- Tolerance: Accept and appreciate others whether they are different from you or not.

- Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated: Feel good about yourself based on how you treat others.

Anti-bullying Activities:

  1. Group 4-5 students together- Ask each student to share a time when he or she was the victim of bullying and how it made him or her feel. Ask each student to share a time when he or she saw bullying occurring but did nothing. How did this make him or her feel? Ask each student to share a time when he or she acted as the bully and how it made him or her feel.
  2. Read The Diary Of Anne Frank by Anne Frank- Discuss how hate and bullying played a role in the holocaust. Discuss how we can change our society today by embracing different races, religions, and belief systems. Discuss how tolerance and respect for others can change our society.
  3. Take a class trip to visit the Museum of Tolerance in person or via the internet- visit Ask the students to explore the website on their own time, choose an exhibit that speaks to them, and share their feelings about the exhibit with the class through writing or art. Discuss points in history when bullying occurred on a large scale and discuss the impact it had on society. Discuss how hate and bullying can lead to dangerous and disastrous behaviors.





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Well, Theres a lot that makes me feel better when I am in a bad mood.


  1. Listening to music
  2. Making people smile
  3. making people feel better
  4. writing fan fictions/ my own books
  5. singing
  6. CHOCOLATE!!!!! :3
  7. Going to my favorite youth group
  8. Watching/ reading something that makes me laugh


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